ESCORTÉ is a luxurious escort service. Seriously. I want to give this business the branding that lives up to what it offer. Inspired by the 60's Pop Art culture and Memphis movement, the brand is designed to capture the timeless beauty, yet spontaneous and youthful that we want our customer to taste. At Escorté, we want our customers to have the power of love in their hand, since there is no such shame for buying love since some of us are simply dedicated to more important aspects in our life.
SONICA is for those who steal the spotlight. The hair products for color monsters and beauty lovers. The packaging represents the voice of an energetic, vibrant and modern cosmetic brand. The Sonic Mania collection includes 3 different product: Lumos (cream), Edge (gel), and Elastique (paste) for unlimited possibilities. The SONICA logo was inspired from the idea of hair by linear lines, tangled and reckless yet with a modern touch, it all seems to make sense now.
I.MAGNIN was the Bergdorf Goodman of the 70's. The new branding is the new breeze on to the classic look of the luxury department store. Runway fashion now a day are not just simply for the older age, the youth has been the new muse and target of many high-end fashion houses. That is why the new branding was intended to carry the spontaneity, adventurous, yet maintaining the touch of luxury and elegant as the department store was always known for.
How to get people's attention with a t-shirt design.
This is a social interactive platform designed to ease the frustration the audience have in life. Inspired by the 70’s behavior education booklets, Decent Human will send anonymously to whom bothered you with their behaviors that should be such common sense.
A poster dedicated to the only and only Erik Nitsche, who has influenced me throughout my designs. Read more about Erik Nitsche on the poster.
A fun and spontaneous cookbook design for something not so spontaneous: getting skinny!
Tale of Kieu is a series of Illustrative posters that I designed to honor the art of my home country, Vietnam. Based off the most honored poem in Vietnam by Nguyen Du (Tale of Kieu), the posters wish to portray the significant of each characters in a different approach, yet still honoring the unique cultural charactersitic of traditional art in Vietnam.
Daddy and Auntie* is a personal collection of 76 pieces that varied from love letters to teddy bear birth certificate, medals and many objects that associate with a specific old memory since the age of 15. The collection is presented as a world wide web blog that includes merchandise (Postcards) to contextualize the contents. The collection is also accompanied by an Instagram account @daddyandauntie. Daddy and Auntie is was created as a personal project, yet I intend to use my memory to remind people the "good ole times" as many of us have crossed path with one way or another. The postcards are for your old friends, teammates, teachers, lovers, those who were a part of your younger self and made you who you are today.
A simple type specimen book dedicated to the beautiful Modesto Type Family.
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