A magical trip on the time machine back to the 80's party for the School of Visual Arts Annual Winter Party. Featuring pop culture icons mini exhibition, giant MTV Moonman, 250 inches TV and more.
"The work on display includes dresses made out $28.52 worth of pennies (enough for 12,500 wishes in a fountain), 432 forks and 59 spoons (enough for 491 people to dine), 518 gum balls (enough to fill four gum ball machines), 900 wheat stalks (enough grain to make seven sandwiches), 4 gallons of paint (over 300 smooth cast pours), 187 canned foods (cans to feed one person for six months), 4.5 running yards of birch bark, 2,528 earplugs, and a dress made from 109 slinkys (3,924 steps worth of slinking down a staircase). Fashion accessories featured in the show include a victorian fan made out of 157 clock hands (these could count 9,420 minutes every hour), shoes made out of 288 pencils (enough lead to write 12.9 million words), pajamas from 1,569 packing peanuts, armor weighing 40 pounds made from 225 Ram Chips (that would be enough to equate 75 computers), a suit jacket from 45 keyboards, and a raincoat made of 1,400 tea bags (if it rained, it could fill that many cups of tea)."
An exhibition of Art and Music. Featuring 20 something young designers from all around the world that were inspired by legends, from John Coltrane to AD/DC. Each design carry the sprit of the song and they were made to express its beauty in a different dimension.
20 artists came together, expressing themselves to celebrate the day "love has won". Hands in hands, we broke through the history of America as the gay marriage is legalized.
A creative design for a chandelier constructed from media hardware, pipes and dried Urania Ripheus Moths to portray the blinding attraction of social media to the humanity.
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